Soledad Salamé, American, born in Santiago, Chile in 1954, currently lives and works in Baltimore, MD.

From 1973 to 1983 Salamé lived in Venezuela. During this time she was exposed to the rainforest, a pivotal experience in her artistic development that continues to be a source of inspiration. As an interdisciplinary artist, she creates work that originates from extensive research of specific topics. In the pursuit of new ideas, she has conducted intensive field research in the Americas, Europe and Antarctica. At the moment she is working on a big project called Are you listening? that started at the desert of Atacama, Atacama Large Millimeter Array (or ALMA) in Chile, then evolved in the Dominican Republic, which resurrected the idea of disappearing islands and isolation, and has culminated with the longstanding sociopolitical issues of Baltimore, MD.

Noteworthy projects and exhibitions:

Soledad Salamé’s work is represented in private and public collections throughout the world, including those of the Deutsche Bank in New York, NY; National Gallery of Art in Washington DC; National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington, DC; The Baltimore Museum of Art, in Baltimore, MD; and the University of Essex, UK. Her work is included in The Contemporary Museum: 20 years, by Irene Hoffman (2011), The St. James Guide to Hispanic Artists, by Thomas Riggs (2002), Latin American Women Artists of the United States, by Robert Henkes (1999), and Latin American Art in the Twentieth Century, by Edward J. Sullivan (1996).

As founder and director of Sol Print Studios, Salamé is an active member of the Baltimore Arts Community. She creates special exhibitions and events for Sol Print Studios Artists. The studio invites curators and collectors once a year to a special open studio, mentors professional artists and teachers, and teaches mini-residencies for artists with all levels of experience, from those who have never done a print to accomplished artists.

Sol Print Studios is an experimental studio that develops special projects for each artist. SPS is known as a place where artists can refocus and concentrate their creative efforts, combined with outstanding printmaking and artistic values. Collaboration, an exchange of ideas and high quality prints are hallmarks of SPS.

SOL Print Studios has gotten the recognition of excellence from The Washington Baltimore Area, museum curators and other institutions.